We are a Team of Professionals with extensive experience in the Water and Environment Domain and positioned as Solutions Providers for a Sustainable Environment. Our capabilities and knowledge base span across a wide range of environmental solutions including, but not limited to Industrial Effluent Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Membranes based Systems, Energy & Water Conservation Solutions, Waste-to-Energy Solutions, Pollution Control & Monitoring, Ground & Surface Water Monitoring and Reporting Solutions, SCADA & Automation Solutions.

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Our partnerships with different Technology Providers around the globe, combined with our experience, knowledge base, ability to comprehend the issue to be addressed, design and engineering capabilities allow us to provide advanced, efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Guaranteed Performance of the Systems we provide make us stand out from the crowd. SUSWEN is capable of providing its clients a whole package of turnkey solutions right from understanding the clients’ needs in depth, identifying the most cost-effective and efficient technologies, design, engineering, development and delivering the solutions including installation & commissioning. The Team’s experience with hundreds of projects done successfully in the Middle East, Africa and Indian Sub-continent Regions and in different environmental conditions allow SUSWEN to provide the best-suited solutions in the long run taking into account the life cycle cost of the systems offered based on the conditions the systems are subjected to.

The Company is headed by its founding Managing Director, D. Venugopal, an engineer with a career spanning over three decades in the water and wastewater domain. He was the CEO of the UAE based Global Engineering Systems (GES), a technology-focused company positioned as a Total Environment Solutions Provider. At GES, he spearheaded the operations including Process Design & Engineering, R & D, Business Development, Project Management etc. He introduced the MBBR process to the middle east market and had been actively involved in the process of setting various milestones which were first of the sort in the MENA Region, viz, combination of MBBR + Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) + Disc Filter; MBBR+UF+RO, capacity enhancement of existing municipal wastewater treatment plants using MBBR Technology within the existing footprint etc.. He also led the Team that popularized Skid-mounted Package Treatment Plants of a wide range of capacities in around 15 geographies. His experience in wastewater treatment covers municipal as well as industrial sectors. Various industries covered include Textile, Pulp & Paper, Batteries Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Automobile & Heavy Engineering, Fisheries& Meat Processing , Dairy, Food & Beverages, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts, Metal Processing. Detergents etc.